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Suppliers of raw materials for food supplements, NUWEN supports you in the creation of your products.

The marine ingredients contain trace elements and minerals that are essential for the body to work correctly. These natural ingredients feature outstanding nutritional properties: antioxidant or slimming action, richness in calcium or proteins, etc.

NUWEN offers you a full range of natural ingredients for nutraceutical products so as to develop unique and effective formulations for a body in great health.


Macro-algae are known for their outstanding nutritional wealth. They have recognized properties for human health, such as the antioxidant or slimming action, richness in minerals, proteins and vitamins.


Grown in fresh water basins, under the supervision of biologists and technicians, each species has specific properties, essentially related to their composition: antioxidant, pigment, richness in minerals, proteins, etc.

Seaweed extracts

NUWEN seaweed extracts are used to concentrate the essential elements of seaweeds and provide ease of use. They are available in dry form.


Marine Ingredients

The sea is an incomparable source of natural ingredients. NUWEN’s unique experience means that it can offer you a wide range of marine ingredients for nutraceutical products. Chondroitin sulfate, magnesium, collagen, cartilage, chitosan, and elastin are high quality natural marine ingredients for meeting the needs of food supplement manufacturers.

Sea water

The sea is a very rich environment, both in terms of quality and diversity, particularly regarding minerals. The proportions of its elements are extremely close to the natural requirements of our body and are almost identical to blood plasma.

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