Animal Nutrition

Its history and expertise in the nutrition sector means that NUWEN has, for more than 40 years, proposed a range of raw materials and additives and now invests in R&D to propose technical and innovative products.


Wishing to enable every one of its partners to achieve and create difference, NUWEN supplies raw materials and develops ingredients.


Natural performance enhancer

CALSEAGROW is a natural product with a proven efficiency on pork’s growth improvement and Feed Conversion Ratio by acting on the intestinal biota.
The unique composition of CALSEAGROW results from the synergy between plants extract and slowly calcified and naturally microporous algae.
Its micro-granulated innovative form makes it a homogeneous product, easy to incorporate (1kg per ton) and approved for organic farming.


Natural pH management

CALSEAPOWDER is natural and marine ingredient made from fossilized red algae. Rich in minerals, the product contains antacids proprieties that act on the pH to stabilize it. CALSEAPOWDER is a booster of production of milk and meat.

SEAWEEDS : Ascophyllum, Kombu and Spirulina

NUWEN seaweeds, Laminaria japonica, Ascophyllum nodosum and spirulina, are known for their many beneficial effects on animal health and well-being. Seaweed notably stimulates the immune and anti-inflammatory system, corrects deficiencies in trace elements, improves the coloring of eggs and meat and plays the role of antioxidant.

Calcium Carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, urea and salt

NUWEN is a calcium carbonate producer and enjoys trustful relations to develop its trading activity. When calcium carbonate is reduced to a powder it is an excellent source of natural calcium.
NUWEN proposes also sodium bicarbonate, add in animal nutrition it regulate the acidity of the rumen.
NUWEN has been marketing feed-grade urea for more than ten years. Urea is a non-protein source of nitrogen and is thus a supplement for plant proteins.
High quality salt is selected from trustworthy partners. Providing a genuine intake of sodium, salt is also a preservative for feed and a palatability agent. .


Ascorbic acid or vitamin C

NUWEN offers you Vitamin C, essential for the proper metabolism of the animal body, for your premix or for your animal feed supplements.


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