The solutions developed by NUWEN for industries basically comprise trade products. Long-standing partnerships enable us to ensure that you receive a secure supply throughout the year.

The constant search for new solutions to meet customer needs means that NUWEN’s teams can regularly propose new products thanks to sourcing and R&D. NUWEN provides a range of raw materials developed for many applications in France and globally.

H2O Clean

H2O Clean is a cylindrical salt pellet for water softeners and completely natural pool treatment. Its high NaCl content enables ideal electrolysis. The pellet is manufactured at high pressure to give extreme solidity and optimum dilution.

Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride is available in several particle sizes (fine, large) for swimming pool treatment, production of paper paste, detergents, and fertilizers.

Ferrous Sulfate

In 30% monohydrated form, ferrous sulfate is the prime solution used by the cement market to reduce hexavalent chromium. This product is the most reliable and cleanest alternative that cement manufacturers can use in relation to other options on the market. Ferrous sulfate is also commercialized on the fertilizer producer market.



Lithothamnion, natural seaweed, is used as a white pigment and opacifier in the paint manufacturing process but also in 3D printing. It can be proposed in micronized form according to customer requirements.

Calcium Carbonate

One of the most abundant minerals on the surface of the globe, calcium carbonate is widely used in the construction and public works industry. It is used to make concrete, ready-to-use concrete or even the production of precast concrete.

Road salt

Choosing NUWEN for your road salt, means working with an expert service with 35 years of experience, and responsive to your expectations. With its experience in winter maintenance, NUWEN offers many de-icing salts (sodium chloride) in various packaging options, so as to respond to your road de-icing needs.

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