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NUWEN by Setalg is recognized for its know-how in marine natural products transformation for the cosmetic industry. Specialized in seaweed, NUWEN by Setalg is constantly looking for innovation to transform marine natural products. The technical team now offers a new marine ingredient to its range: atomized seawater.


Eau de mer atomisée

Extraction and transformation process:

Seawater is extracted from salt marshes because this water is very concentrated in minerals. The aqueous portion is then evaporated in a spray tower to keep only the mineral concentrate, up to 85%. Seawater powder is obtained by a natural physical process that doesn’t need any solvent or additive. Atomized seawater is then stored for incorporation into cosmetic formulations.


Atomized seawater properties in cosmetics:

Atomized seawater is extremely concentrated in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and sodium. Our technical team demonstrated that the magnesium contained is 100,000 times higher in atomized seawater than in liquid seawater.

Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties for the skin. This claim has been demonstrated in the bibliography, through studies on spa therapists in thalassotherapy.

Atomized seawater is recommended by our technical team for soothing, remineralizing treatments and to revive the radiance of dull complexions. Seawater powder is a natural product so it is very well tolerated by the skin and can be recommended for uncomfortable and sensitive skins.


Atomized seawater properties in health nutrition:

Cosmetic is not the only field of application of this product. NUWEN by Setalg also uses it in Health Nutrition, and more particularly for athletes with whom it has a great interest.

Indeed, the phenomenon of perspiration depletes the body in minerals, so it is important to provide the body with the nutrients it has lost during a workout.

The high solubility of atomized seawater allows to incorporate it into drinks or to use it in solid form in capsules and tablets. This mineral concentrate is a significant contribution to their body.

This product can also be used simply as a dietary supplement for people whose mineral intake is not sufficient.

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