NUWEN historically sells its seaweed powders to thalassotherapy & spa facilities and has acquired a sound expertise in formulating cosmetic powder.

NUWEN proposes a range of cosmetics powder specially designed to return skin to its natural beauty. Peel-off, exfoliation, rinse-off masks: you will find a wide chose of cosmetics powder to carry out your treatment protocols in salons or at home.

Our formulas in the form of powder do not contain any preservatives or surfactants.

Nuwen also gears itself to your demands and offers a custom service to develop specific and unique cosmetics formulas, together with packaging that is suited to your sales circuits.

PEEL-OFF : Face and Body

The peel-off mask is a technical treatment using an alginate (extract of Laminaria Sp. brown seaweed), that has been a staple of professional salon treatments for many years. This powder treatment requires a step of mixing with water before it is applied. The alginate’s subsequent complexation reaction that occurs enables the mask to mold perfectly with the shape of the face or body and increases the penetration of the active ingredients. When dry, this second skin is removed in one go and requires no rinsing.
The masks are applied easily and removed without leaving any mark on the skin.

In order to meet your expectations, NUWEN offers you various textures that can be adapted to your concepts (appearance, use or benefit).

NUWEN peel-off formulas have clinically proven efficacies. Indeed, using peel-off formulas reduces the natural evaporation of water during the treatment to concentrated in the upper layers of the skin. The skin is immediately and intensely moisturized.

RINSE-OFF : Face and Body

In addition to its peel-off range, NUWEN proposes remoisturizing powder formulas that are rinsed off after application: modeling masks, exfoliation, fully marine and sensorial wraps (heating, foaming).

Easy to prepare, they are rinsed off in a few seconds and give back the skin all its beauty.


From its beginnings, NUWEN has harvested and processed marine ingredients for the most renowned names in French and international cosmetics.

Drawing on its experience and know-how, NUWEN offers you a palette of organic and natural cosmetics ingredients that can be used in all types of cosmetics treatments.

We remain at your disposal for any request for information you may have regarding our macro-algae, micro-algae, clays and marine active ingredients.


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