Water Treatment

The aim of water treatment products is to provide innovative natural solutions for market stakeholders.


NUWEN draws upon its R&D center and strong partnerships with specialized companies or universities to develop its products.

NUWEN proposes 4 solutions for 4 environmental issues that meet the strategic challenges of water treatment entities by providing green, sustainable and safe solutions. NUWEN products are harmless to humans and the surrounding environment.


Apatite granule positioned in a filter is used to recover the phosphorus contained in waste water. This product, when saturated, can be recovered in fertilizer plants to reuse the phosphorus as a phosphated raw material.  NUWEN is part of a circular economy that aims to reuse nutrients through short cycles.


Marine calcium, produced in NUWEN plants, rapidly neutralizes fresh water into drinking water. It is the most reactive natural medium for balancing water (pH neutralization) and avoiding the need to add chemical products.


Carbonated substrate with a wheat starch base used to overcome carbon deficiencies in water treatment plants. This natural product is an alternative to methanol, a dangerous chemical.


Natural polymer extracted from seaweed and used to remove sludge by naturally provoking the flocculation of the particles in suspension within the water. This natural product is an alternative to the use of standard chemicals.

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